Curved Decks


Curved Deck Designs Add Distinctive Look

Add architectural interest and function by incorporating curves into your deck design.

curved deck 2.andrews5 SQA Look Like No Other

Want a deck that stands out?  By creating a deck design with flowing curves your new deck will have a distinctive look like no other.  Curved rails and boards can also accommodate landscapes that traditional right angle layouts cannot.

Unique Capability

Decks Unlimited is one of a very select group of deck builders with the capability to design and build decks with curved rails and boards.  This special ability allows us to create unique and spectacular designs that make your home stand out.

Let’s Talk

Give us a call 765-427-0726 or email us at Decks Unlimited.  We’ll be happy to go over your ideas and provide an estimate on creating the perfect outdoor living space.

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Decks Unlimited 100% Commitment

From design to project completion, Decks Unlimited is committed to providing unquestioned quality and the ultimate customer experience.

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